Karen Starr aka Power Girl is the cousin of Superman, a defender of New York City, and Spider-Man's girlfriend.

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Early Life Edit

When the planet Krypton exploded the city of Argos survived on a piece of the planet large enough to support an atmosphere. When the soil began to turn into kryptonite they rolled large sheets of lead across the ground to shie against the lethal radiation. One day a meteor shower began to damage the lead shieldin. In order to save his daughter the scientist Zor-El built a rocket and launched it in the direction of the planet Earth where he found an individual wearing their family crest.

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Clone War Edit

While sorting through the crimes of the criminal the Jackal, Power Girl and Spider-Man found a perfect clone of Karen when they were in high school. The cloned Supergirl helped them foil the Jackal's schemes. Afterwards they placed the clone who they named Linda in the care of the retired superhero Carol Danvers (aka. Ms. Marvel).

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Mother of Spider-Girl Edit

about a year into their marriage Karen disco that she was pregnant. Unfortunatly before she was able to tell Peter the news an attack on the Helicarrier by Doctor Octopus forced Spider-Man to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the city, leaving Karen alone to raise the child.