Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch is a member of the Fantastic Four, true to his name he is able to light himself on fire and use the flames to fight his enemies.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Johnny Storm was born about five years after his older sister Susan. After their mother died Susan became highly protective of her younger brother. Johnny discovered he was gay in high school while watching a swim practice with his friends and found himself admiring the physics of the male swimmers more than the female swimmers.

Transformation Edit

while participating in Reed Richards' expirements with cosmic rays in space alongside his sister and Reeds best friend Ben Grim, an accident occurred exposing the crew to cosmic radiation. Surviving the crash back to earth the four of them were changed by the rays Reed's body became highly elastic, Sue could turn invisible, Johnny could command fire and Ben became a large orange rock monster. With their new found powers the quartet decided to use these powers to combat the forces of evil as the Fantastic Four.

the Human Torch Edit

Setting up shop at the top floor of the Baxter Building in Albany, New York, the Fantastic Four soon announced themselves to the world shortly thereafter Johnny decided to come out of the closet gaining a certain amount of personal publicity from the event and a reputation as a "flaming playboy" much to the annoyance of the land lady Lavinia Forbes (more so because of the award encounters with his one night stands than anything else)

Sleeping with the Enemy Edit

One night while attending his favorite gay bar the Rawhide Ranch Johnny was picked up by a flutist named Hartley Rathaway. The two hit it off and quickly became lovers.

Notes Edit

  • this version of Johnny Storm is gay because that is a much easier way to add diversity to the fantastic four with out jumping through hoops on how a white blond girl can have a black brother.