"All women love the Mandrill"-Mandrill

Jerome Beechman aka the Mandrill is a mutant who excretes pharamones that allow him to control the minds of women. An avid misogynist he is a frequent foe of Wonder Woman.

Biography Edit

Jerome Beechman was the mutant son of Frederic Beechman, an atomic research scientist at the Atomic Proving Grounds in Los Alamos New Mexico, and his wife Emily. Prior to his conception, Beechman's father, a Caucasian scientist, as well as Gemma Sinclair, a black cleaning woman, were exposed to a massive dose of radiation when faulty electrical wiring caused an explosion that breached the facility's small experimental nuclear pile. A year later, the scientist's son was born with black skin and tufts of body hair. Equally distressing to Gemma Sinclair and her husband was the birth of their daughter Nekra, who was born with chalky-white skin and fangs. The boy grew up hated by his peers and parents for his freakish appearance. When Beechman was ten, his father drove him out to the middle of the American desert and abandoned him. The boy swore to find his way back and exact revenge on his parents.