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Ever wonder what would happen if the Galactus met the Green Lantern Mogo, or if Magneto teamed up with the Metal Men, how would Johnny Storm get along with J'onn J'onzz, are Harley Quinn and Deadpool really a match made in crazy? Well wonder no longer because this wiki is dedicated to answering these questions and more. Welcome to the Comboverse a universe were the characters of the DCU and the Marvel Universe coexist in a great big mess which you are invited to help me iron out. This wiki has been designed as a muse for people who wish to write DC/Marvel crossover fiction providing an established universe to get creative juices flowing.

Code of Conduct Edit

In order to have this wiki run smoothly a set of rules has been drafted that all present and future contruibuters must abide by. (Subject to amendments)

(1) Administration has final say in what is considered "canon" on this wiki.

(2) As this wiki was created in order to develope an outline and inspiration for people to write fanfic make sure that when you write something relating to a specific character make a link to whatever you've writen after editing a page so others can enjoy your work.

(3) If something on this wiki conflicts with mainstream Marvel or DC canon don't sweat it, if it conflicts with another article on the wiki then it's a problem.

(4) Don't hesitate to fix any spelling or grammar mistakes you come across it's the right thing to do.

(x) Have Fun*

*this rule must always be placed at the bottom of the code

Latest activityEdit

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